The Bay of Islands has a mild temperate climate. Situated at 35 degrees South it is subtropical in the summer, reflected in the vegetation. In the Spring (Sept to Nov) temperatures reach about 19 degrees; in the Summer (Dec to mid March) 25 degrees, Autumn (mid March to May) 21 degrees, and over the winter about 16 degrees.
Average monthly rainfall days are 11 in Spring, 7 in Summer, 11 in Autumn and 16 in winter.
Winter weather can often be really lovely, and of course less crowds!
Sea temperatures can reach the low 20 degrees C, with January February, March and April the warmest months.
We recommend wearing sunscreen, sunglasses and hats when in direct sunlight as the sun can be fierce in the heat of the day.
New Zealand observes daylight saving during the summer months.

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